• Docker build

  • Tech · docker · 2021-09-07 · Daniel
  • I have been having a rough couple months with printers: My Samsung C410w is getting old, so I wanted to replace it. My wife recently heard about HP Instant Ink, so she wanted to try that service, but I decided to buy a monochrome Brother printer -- which was great except …Continue reading

  • Traefik

  • Tech · 2021-08-12 · Daniel
  • Lately I have been learning about Docker, and I want to convert my current setup to Docker, where it makes sense to do that. I currently run about 20 vhosts on this Digital Ocean droplet, and at least one of those has a MySQL back end. I also run Postfix …Continue reading

  • June 2021 update

  • Tech · vmware atari · 2021-06-14 · Daniel
  • I've been busy over the last few weeks, so there will be several updates in here.

    Over the weekend I updated my Ubiquiti switches, which required that I shut down my ESXi servers. The R610 came back just fine, but the raspi4 ARM one did not. The problem on the …Continue reading