• General update

  • General · unix · 2021-03-10 · Daniel
  • It has been a while since I did much of interest in the home lab, but that is changing this week.

    I am starting to rework lots of things:

    • This blog content is now tracked in a bitbucket repo
    • I am upgrading my home network to UniFi hardware
    • I am …
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  • Scanner

  • Tech · unix · 2019-02-20 · Daniel
  • I own a CanoScan LiDE 30. This scanner is about 15 years old, and back when I got it new, it was supported on Mac OS X. Canon stopped updating the drivers a couple years later, so I switched to TWAIN-SANE.

    When I did that, I wrote a "scan" shell …Continue reading

  • Postfix relay configuration

  • Tech · 2019-02-14 · Daniel
  • Like most people in my industry, I use multiple email addresses at multiple providers. Used to be, I could configure all of my email addresses in my mail client and just send through my mail server and -- voila -- my email would go out as whatever address I wanted to use …Continue reading

  • Network upgrade

  • Tech · lab · 2018-12-28 · Daniel
  • I have a 3-story house, and my office is on the third floor. Wifi connectivity in the bonus room over the garage was terrible, so I brainstormed ideas with coworkers and friends about how to fix this. As a temporary measure I ran a long ethernet cable from the office …Continue reading