• FT-7800R install

  • Ham radio · ft7800r f150 · 2022-09-25 · Daniel
  • This is not my typical type of post, but as I have said, communications and networking are things that excite me greatly. It's why I collect antique telephones, why I enjoy scanner and shortwave listening, why I learned the OSI model and have spent much of my career in and …Continue reading

  • Better spam blocking

  • Mail · postfix · 2022-09-15 · Daniel
  • As mentioned previously, I continue to be inundated with spam email. Fortunately, every spam has an observable email format: the email comes in the form of user@word1.word2.TLD.

    This allows me to update my blocked_senders file to defer every email in that format with a 450, using …Continue reading