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In an earlier post, I mentioned the NFS automounter. I make use of the NFS automounter everywhere. And by "everywhere," I mean "nearly every Unix system I install." FreeBSD, NeXT systems, Mac OS X, Linux -- they all get the configuration.

The NFS automounter is useful because of the ease of use: if I need a file, I simply cd to the correct location and use the file.

I install my automounts in /auto, so I cd to /auto/documents or /auto/downloads or whatever. My ESXi server uses files that on other systems are located under /auto/esx.

To make best use of this, I use the same user ID on all systems, and for security best practices, I set root squash even though I'm the only user on the filer.

Also, because my filer is a Synology, I am able to share audio/video between iTunes and Synology's DS Audio/DS Video. I do this by storing my iTunes library under /auto/media, and I set DS Audio and DS Video to use files found under /volume1/media on the Synology.

The NFS filer is also useful remotely, because of my use of ZeroTier. The NFS automounter, with its automatic disconnects, works particularly well in this type of situation.

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